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This wiki has been inspired by and initiated at the 1st Annual Hands-On Workshop in Point-of-Care Diagnostic held on June 25th - 29th 2012 in Nairobi, Kenya. A collaboration of University of Alberta, CA and the Institute of Primate Research & National Museums of Kenya

Call for Collaboration

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For later structuring of the content, its best if we start to define a bunch of categories... please add.

or maybe add topics (microfluidics, malaria, etc..) and categories (workshop, presentation, etc...)?


  • Point-of-care diagnostics
  • Point-of-care manufacturing
  • Human health
  • Low-cost diagnostics
  • Paper-based µfluidics
  • Lab-on-a-Chip
  • Microfluidics
  • Neglected tropical diseases
  • Malaria
  • Tuberculosis (TB)
  • Agriculture
  • Plants
  • Livestock
  • Android hacks
  • Open source software
  • Generic laboratory infrastructure


  • Workshop
  • Hack
  • How-to
  • Presentation
  • Essay


join the maillist for discussions: openDiagnostix on googlegroup

or visit us on fbook


POC Workshop, Kenya 2012

openDiagnostix wiki-sprint @ i*Hub, Nairobi

Related Links

What about we define a bunch of topics to sort the links?


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fixed now. 23.8.2012

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Feedback, feature wished, problems about the wiki

feel free to add...

Getting started

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